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Key people Farms2050

Basan Patil

Farms2050 is founded and headed by Basan Patil, a Pennsylvania graduate and a columnist. Farms2050 is signing an MoU with American Hydroponics or AmHydro, a leading American Hydroponic company. Jenny Harris is the proud owner and CEO of American Hydroponics, which has pioneered sustainable growing practices since 1984.

Besides being a leading supplier of farm produce grown through hydroponic farming in the USA, AmHydro has provided turnkey solutions in hydroponic technology to several hydroponic units across the world.

Farms2050, along with AmHydro, aims to be a leading Hydroponic player in India and provide turnkey solutions in Hydroponic farming technology in India and around the world.

Amhydro Farms2050

Ms. Jenny Harris

As the owner and CEO of American Hydroponics, or AmHydro, she is part of an industry that helps feed people cleanly and efficiently. Hydroponics wasn’t an industry she had planned to enter, but it’s where God led her. Now, it’s where her passion lies.

At Point Loma Nazarene University, Harris double majored in secondary education and business administration. She then worked in the Finance industry. While she was working as a business consultant, the founder of American Hydroponics asked her to join the company as Finance director. Later, Harris bought the business along with a horticulture expert named Scott Kornberg. After the sudden demise of Kornberg, Harris is running the entire business on her own. Harris has been very involved in work serving the homeless through the Betty Kwan Chinn organization; has been a respite foster care provider; and has shared her home with missionaries, foreign exchange students, and youth in need of a place to stay

Key people farms2050

Joe Swartz

Joe is a master hydroponic farmer with over 30 years of experience tending his soil-less crops through cold winters and sweltering summers. Joe has consulted to growers and investors across the globe for many years before officially joining the AmHydro management team in 2015.